Who am I? I am who I am. I am Sabina

Who am I? I am who I am. I am Sabina

Who am I?

I am,

a woman, a wife, mother for my giant rabbit and small gangster bunny, a neighbour, a friend.

I am 41, a daughter, a sister, a Dutchie.

I am a dental hygienist, a dreamer and believer.

I am a yoga-addict, a gymrat, a boxing chick and a yoga teacher.

I am a seeker for balance.

I am a yogini.

My first yoga class was frustrating. The teacher stood next to me, listening, if I did the Ujjayi breathing, holding my belly for the bhanda’s. All I wanted to do, was standing on my head, seeking for a new challenge.

So I decided to do a yoga teacher training, for myself to find balance and to deepen my practice.

And just for fun, I was giving classes to my (sporty) friends, I know the need to sweat their yogi asses off and for them to find their boundaries. And that’s what they will get, a strong Vinyasa flow class with afterwards some kindness in the yin.

If they want to use Ujjayi, strict alignments, or just use it as a workout, feel free.

Cause I believe every body is unique and has its own needs.

What I think, it’s all about balance in life.

For me, yoga is the freedom to find that balance.

Would you like to ride the flow with me, feel free to jump your mat.

I am who I am.

I am Sabina